sagaan Promises

symbol promise description
antibacterial The essential oils contained in birch bark naturally provide a natural antibacterial and antiseptic function. Wherever we use wood – in shelves and lids of storage containers and in the lattices for the bread crates – we use valuable Swiss stone pine wood, which deters moths.
aroma-tight Birch bark is naturally water and airtight. Through a complex artisanal process, the lid closes even more firmly in these vessels.
fair All our products are made according to traditional craftsmanship. We know all family businesses that manufacture for us personally and take on social responsibility.
adhesive-free This box is made without adhesives or other foreign materials. Only in the storage containers the outside applied cover decoration made of birch bark is attached with a little wood glue on the wooden lid.
air-permeable The traditional plug connection allows the air to circulate better. The round seam holes on our bread boxes offer even better breathability.
natural We do not use chemistry, e.g. for the surface treatment of our containers made of birch bark. Unlike other suppliers, we do not bleach the containers with hydrogen peroxide. As a result, our containers consist almost entirely of renewable raw materials and are compostable.
vegan All our products are vegan. Within the scope of our possibilities, we pay close attention to natural processes throughout the supply chain.