»Single« Bread Bin

The »Single« Bread Bin is ideal for medium-sized households.

It stores one loaf of bread and several pastries.


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The ideal Bread Bin for medium-sized households with a characteristic success story: originally, it was included in our range because our manufacturers only had this variant available, rather than the one we had ordered. Nevertheless, the »Single« Bread Bin quickly rose to become our most popular bread bin.

The reason for this is its ideal shape: long enough to easily store a large loaf of bread, and yet beautifully flat and compact. The »Single« Bread Bin has a place in every kitchen.

Wooden lattices to accompany your Bread Bin

A wooden lattice is an ideal complement to your birch bark Bread Bin.

Your bread is best stored in the Bread Bin when it is ventilated from all sides. Excess moisture is then absorbed by the air all around the loaf and removed via the bark and gaps in the seam. This ideal storage system can be achieved through placing a wooden lattice on the container floor.

In developing these lattices we chose stone pine, as this type of wood naturally deters pests. Thus, our lattices, made in social facilities in Germany, offer additional protection and ensure that your bread remains delicious and fresh.

The wooden lattice is an ideal complement to your birch bark Bread Bin.

Additional information

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 14 cm
sagaan promise

adhesive-free, air-permeable, antibacterial, fair, natural, vegan


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