Unprocessed birch bark

Birch bark for handiwork: a natural material that offers nearly inexhaustible possibilities for processing and handicraft.





Birch bark is an ancient and extremely versatile raw material that has been used in handicrafts for centuries: in Scandinavia, roofs were covered with birch bark; in North America and in Canada, canoes were built from it; and in the mountainous regions of India, a whole writing system was invented just to be used on birch bark. Beautiful birch bark containers are popular all over the world. Apart from raw birch bark in unprocessed panels, we also offer the highest quality birch bark for decoration, art and handicraft: for professionals as well as ambitious hobbyists.

Birch bark: a natural product

In nature, apart from typical black outgrowths, the white outer layer of birch bark can also be covered by moss and lichen, or damaged by weather conditions or other external factors.

We do not treat or alter the surface of our bark; we do not remove the white outer layer.

Being a natural material, the panels might have a slight fluctuation in size, especially when it comes to the oversized pieces.

Birch bark is a natural material and can thus fluctuate in size, thickness and surface shape.

Our panels’ dimensions are between ca. 20×30 cm and 50×80 cm, while most of them are approximately 50×40 cm large.


Additional information

I use

the golden inner surface, the natural white outside, thik birch bark for making handles

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fair, natural, vegan


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