DIY set – Tea Container to build yourself

The special DIY gift:

The Tea Container to build yourself: just follow the instructions to assemble the delivered pieces of bark in a traditional way and add your own individual touch.

Apart from storing tea, this container is also wonderful for keeping herbs, homemade biscuits, jewelry, marbles and much more.

Perfect as a very special hand-made gift, or as a handicraft evening activity with friends and family. Ideal for children’s birthday parties and any other get-togethers!





DIY set with step-by-step instructions for young and old
Build your first birch bark container! A Tea Container to build yourself by following the instructions. The perfect entry-level project to gain your first experience in working with this outstanding material: the Tea Container to assemble yourself.

Give a special gift that you have built and decorated yourself from a beautiful material! Enjoy every touch of the warm, soft and velvety bark while processing it.

Get to know a natural material: rediscover birch bark
This set is perfect for anyone who would like to get to know this stunning natural product but is still a bit insecure in handling an unfamiliar material. Having built your first container, you fill soon find yourself ready to try out your own, larger-scale ideas!
This DIY set provides not only satisfaction from creating something special and useful, but also an insight into how this inconspicuous material has been used to create beautiful and practical objects for centuries.

Required tools
Working with birch bark does not require any specific tools – just the tools and materials that any crafts person already has at hand: scissors and a good knife, nails or an awl, possibly also wood glue and clothes pegs. A leather hole punch could also be useful. However, if you don’t possess one, it’s not a problem – a drill with a 4-5 mm drill bit, or a somewhat larger gimlet for chestnut drilling will do the job too.

Scope of delivery

This set contains:

  • an external wall from birch bark
  • an internal wall from birch bark
  • a bottom from stone pine wood
  • a lid from stone pine wood
  • enough birch bark thread to stitch the parts together
  • 2 pieces of bark for the handle
  • a piece of bark for decoration
  • instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 8 × 11.5 cm
sagaan promise

adhesive-free, air-permeable, antibacterial, fair, natural, vegan


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