Birch bark in custom sizes and oversized dimensions

Birch bark in your desired size for ambitious handicraft projects, decoration or ornamentation – for example as a natural surface. Birch bark in sizes up to 70 cm wide and up to 450 cm long.

Please let us know your desired dimensions before you place an order – we will make you an offer.

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Finally: birch bark in large pieces! We offer unprocessed and untreated birch bark in the largest dimensions that can be harvested from a birch tree: depending on the circumference of the tree, the pieces can sometimes be as wide as 90 cm. Such pieces are usually up to 50 cm long.

The somewhat narrower panels we offer have the dimensions of approximately 40×250 cm and up to nearly 70×300 cm. Occasionally, we have pieces as long as 450 cm available. We also offer medium sizes and smaller pieces.

We calculate the size of our panels in cm². The prices per 1m² of birch bark in special and extra-large sizes are as follows:

  • for pieces up to 50 cm wide (length freely selectable) 120.00 € per m² (net).
  • for pieces up to 65 cm wide (length freely selectable) 140.00 € per m² (net).
  • for pieces up over 65 cm wide (length freely selectable) 160.00 € per m² (net).

Extra-large pieces of birch bark are shipped in a roll, but they can be unrolled again.

Birch bark for processing:
suitable for hobby and ambitious handicraft project, but also for decoration and ornamentation

Our birch bark is especially often used as a decoration object to achieve a natural forest look and feeling, for example as a coating for columns.
Discover one of the most fascinating natural materials available to us: smooth like leather, versatile like wood, and used for many centuries as paper, birch bark has since time immemorial been to the peoples living close to nature what plastic is for the modern industrial society: a very special material that offers nearly inexhaustible possibilities.

Originally, we incorporated birch bark in oversizes into our assortment for craftspeople to be able to build their own birch bark canoes. Since then, we have been inundated with demand for birch bark in custom sizes and oversizes. Be it for the coating of columns, for designing exhibition stands, for furniture making, or in interior design – birch bark is a natural material gaining in popularity right now. Placing the bark’s white side up as a decorative element or processing it individually for special projects – birch bark is used in a variety of ways in arts and crafts, handicraft and manufacturing plants, and now we can service you individually in accordance with your needs. Please get in contact with us, we will gladly consult you and make you an individual offer.

Before you place an order, please ask for the available sizes and clarify what you would like to do with the bark, so we can find the perfect piece of bark for you. Therefore, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1 × 1 cm

Height: 70cm, Height: 80cm, Height: 90cm, Height: 100cm, Height: 110cm, Height: 120cm, Height: 130cm, Height: 140cm, Height: 150cm, Height: 160cm, Height: 170cm, Height: 180cm, Height: 190cm, Height: 200cm, Height: 210cm, Height: 220cm, Height: 230cm, Height: 240cm, Height: 250cm, Height: 260cm, Height: 270cm, Height: 280cm, Height: 290cm, Height: 300cm


Width: 40cm, Width: 50cm, Width: 60cm, Width: 70cm

I use

the golden inner surface, the natural white outside

sagaan promise

fair, natural, vegan


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