Birch bark panels

Buy birch bark in panels for handiwork and decoration here
Birch bark as panels in your desired size: buy birch bark panels from a specialist for handicraft, as decoration or for professional craft!

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Use birch bark for your professional craft and manufacturing, or as a decoration – for example, for an event, for designing exhibition stands, or in interior design. Our birch bark panels are equally suited for DIY and hobby projects too.

We offer natural birch bark panels, freshly harvested and unprocessed, in standard sizes: from 20×20 cm up to 60×60 cm.

The bark is already cut into shape – just choose your desired dimensions and specify which of the two sides should be flawless for your purposes: the golden-yellow inner side or the white outer side.

Size calculation and instructions for use

Birch bark panels can be mixed and matched depending on the object you wish to create.

Even though the panels we offer have standard sizes, please be liberal in your calculation and make sure to add a few centimetres as a buffer. Birch bark is very fragile lengthwise, along the lenticels. Tears may occur any time, e.g. during transportation to you, while in storage or while processing. Tears can be especially troublesome for manual processing and in some cases even make it impossible to use the piece. As the tears always start at the edges and spread towards the middle of the panel, it is especially important to calculate for enough material for the width of the object you are making (usually the larger dimension).

If you have any questions concerning the processing or size calculation, we will be happy to help you!

Our bark is a high quality product harvested in the Siberian taiga. Normally the panels are thicker than 1,5 mm. However, we can occasionally deliver thinner panels too, if desired.

If you specify that a flawless white side is of special importance for you, you will most likely receive a thinner panel that is easier to apply to the carrier material.

For handicraft projects that mostly require using the golden-yellow inner side, thicker panels are either indispensable or at least not an obstacle, as the white layer is removed anyway.

Thus, we don’t just make sure that the side you have chosen has a beautiful surface, but also pay attention to delivering the material of the appropriate thickness.

If you do not require a particular panel size, you can order birch bark by the kilo. »Unprocessed birch bark« has the same quality as the panels we offer, the only difference is that the package consists of pieces of birch bark in various sizes.

We can also meet your specific demands and supply you with birch bark in custom sizes or extra-large pieces.

If you are planning to use birch bark as a building material, for example for roofing or as a moisture barrier – as is often required in museums or in restoration work on listed buildings (e.g., for roof renovation of the churches) – please contact us: we will gladly consult you individually.

Please find an overview of available sizes and qualities of unprocessed birch bark in our product catalogue.

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Height: 20cm, Height: 30cm, Height: 35cm, Height: 40cm, Height: 45cm, Height: 50cm, Height: 60cm


Width: 20cm, Width: 30cm, Width: 40cm, Width: 50cm, Width: 60cm, Width: 70cm, Width: 80cm

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the golden inner surface, the natural white outside

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fair, natural, vegan


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