Birch bark paper to write and print on

This extremely thin and smooth paper from real birch bark invites you to inscribe it calligraphically or try out the traditional art of printmaking! Being one of the oldest predecessors of paper, birch bark is a very special kind of paper.

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Birch bark is one of the oldest predecessors of paper. Thin layers of birch bark have been used for writing on for centuries: creatively written short messages scribed onto birch bark were the first documents of civilian life found in the north of Russia. In the northern mountainous regions of India, a whole special writing system was developed just for writing on birch bark.

In extreme situations, such as during the First World War a century ago, many birch bark postcards from the Front found their way home to loved ones.

sagaan offers birch bark paper in three different sizes: ca. 20×30 cm (~ DIN A4), ca. 15×20 cm (~ DIN A5) and ca. 10×15 cm (~ DIN A6). Smooth, thin pieces that can be used for writing or printing on are manufactured by carefully separating each laminar layer of the birch bark by hand. Being ca. 0.5 to 1 mm thick, the paper is very flexible and smooth. Just like onion skin, birch bark consists of many layers. The paper surface can be slightly staggered, meaning that it might not necessarily consist of one single layer. Separating the layers causes some unavoidable manufacturing traces such as rubbing marks that form a patina typical for a natural, living material.

Depending on the inherent qualities of the birch bark, it might have natural small holes at the lenticels when separated in thin layers, which is the case with birch bark paper. The colour and direction of the lenticels (characteristic dark dashes on the birch bark) may vary.

The dimensions may vary slightly and be marginally smaller than the standard size, however, as a rule they are slightly larger.

With every piece of birch bark paper you order, you will receive a small sample of birch bark paper on which to practice writing. This test sample might not necessarily have the same colour and thickness as the piece you have purchased.

Birch bark paper is suitable for writing or printing on, for example it can be used in conjunction with a letterpress. Being a natural material, the surface can not be guaranteed to be perfectly even, so only replaceable letters should be used. You can inscribe birch bark using different writing techniques and utensils – from scratching to writing with ink, ink pens and ball point pens.

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10x15cm (DIN A6), 15x20cm (DIN A5), 20x30cm (DIN A4)

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