Canoe bark – birch bark for building traditional canoes

Build your own canoe in a traditional way, using the ancient knowledge of the indigenous peoples of North America and Canada. Large birch bark panels for building canoes.





Building a canoe requires the largest possible birch bark panels. We offer pieces in sizes from about 50×250 cm up to 70×300 cm. Occasionally, we have pieces as long as 450 cm available. We also offer medium sizes and smaller pieces.

Our canoe bark is of the highest quality and comes from strong, healthy trees in Siberia – only the best birch bark is offered here. Canoe building requires smooth, flexible and strong bark – if possible, without branches, overgrowths, holes or tears.

Our bark is ca. 2–3 mm thick.

We calculate the size of the panels in cm². The prices per 1cm² of the canoe building birch bark in custom sizes and oversizes is 0.015 EUR – that is, 150 EUR per m².

Birch bark suitable for canoe building is extremely rare. Please make sure to check for availability before placing order!

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 cm
sagaan promise

fair, natural, vegan


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